Machine automation controller with embedded machine-learning features

April 27, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Omron has developed a machine automation controller equipped with a machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm.

Claimed to be the first of its kind in the industry, this AI-equipped controller achieves real-time integration between the programmable logic controller function, which controls production lines and equipment changing in microseconds on factory floors, and the AI processing function. Using Omron's extensive range of sensors to monitor the status of equipment and processes, the controller safely regulates them before an irregularity can occur.

The machine automation controller's AI algorithms allow it to learn the repeated movements of the equipment from precise sensing data, which enables feedback to status monitoring and real-time control of machines. The machine automation controller gathers sensing data (e.g. vibration and temperature) and output data for motors from equipment and processes it chronologically in real-time. It then generates characteristic quantities at regular or irregular times based on chronological data in real-time. The controller then accumulates characteristic quantity data and generates model data of learning machine after causal analysis before sending feedback to condition monitoring and controls based on such model data in real-time.

Since sample shipments of the controller to key customers began in 2016, Omron has conducted demonstrations at its own and customers' factories. The demos are aimed to predict and analyze equipment irregularities and enhance knowledge of the cause-and-effect relationship involved in such irregularities, prior to the scheduled launch and service provision in 2018.

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