Machine vision model kit eases technology adoption

February 29, 2016 // By
With the EyeMount system, cameras, lenses and industrial lights can be easily and securely integrated into the machine, while the EyeVision software allows the creation of inspection programs for visual measurement and inspection, with an easy drag-and-drop function.

The EyeMount system consists of a multitude of components, which are mounted to each other with a standardized dovetail connection. Cameras, lenses and lighting can be positioned to a conveyor belt with simple clamps. Both smart cameras and standard cameras can be mounted swiftly to the right position with any housing protected up to IP67 for rough environments. Building blocks of the EyeVision software allow for simple measurement applications as well as complex object detection or robot-vision applications. EyeVision supports all standard cameras such as USB, GigE, FireWire, CameraLink and CoaXPress.

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