Magnetic resonance receiver enables 20W wireless charging at 6.78MHz

September 21, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
NuVolta Technologies has launched a 20W receiver based on its high efficiency Controlled Resonance wireless power architecture.

The NU2500 power management IC can cover wireless power applications from 0.5W to 20W. In combination with the company’s transmitter IC NU1000, NuVolta provides complete fast wireless charging solutions for smart watches, smart phones, tablets and notebook computers at very high efficiency. For example, a typical 6.78MHz system with NU2500 can reach over 85% efficiency at 12V,15W output with simple and thin receiver coil, significantly better than any existing wireless power solutions. NuVolta’s magnetic resonance solutions are also compatible with metal cases and metal back covers, giving system developers more freedom to enrich end customers’ charging experience.

The NU2500 is a power management IC integrating all key functional blocks to implement proprietary controlled magnetic resonance architecture in a power receiver, including Power MOSFETs, gate drivers, current sensing, control circuit, and I2C interface. It is offered in 5 x 5 mm QFN or 3.4 x 3.6 mm BGA packages, and can support an input voltage between 4.5V to 22V for applications ranging from wearable devices with a fraction of a Watt to smart phones and laptop computers with tens of Watts.

“Integrated various advanced high-frequency power management technologies in a small package, NU2500 offers more power than any receiver IC in wireless power industry. It also reaches a system efficiency unseen in a practical design in mobile devices,” said Dr. Hengchun Mao, CTO and a founder of the Silicon Valley startup. “With simple TX and RX coils from 6.78MHz as well as simple application circuit enabled by our novel controlled resonance architecture, our wireless charging solutions realize easy and flexible user charging experience promised by magnetic resonance technology for years, at a system efficiency and cost far better than other technologies. With NU2500 and NU1000, NuVolta Technologies team has pushed the envelope of wireless power technology to a new level.”