Matchbox-size Profibus interface

March 13, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the PBpro USB, industrial automation technology provider Softing GmbH (Haar, Germany) has developed a miniaturised interface box to connect Profibus systems to a PC. The vendor claims the device is the smallest such an interface on the world market – it is so small that it takes place in a plug housing.

Designed for mobile deployment, the PBPro USB connects the Profibus world to a PC through a high-speed USB connection that at the same time also supplies the energy. It is a practical companion for tasks such as Profibus network configuration, parameterising, operation data acquisition or maintenance. The interface is plugged directly to a Profibus unit in the target system, thereby avoiding signal reflections on the Profibus line.

Besides drivers for a broad range of operating system from Windows XP (still very popular in industrial automation) to Windows 10 as well as a number of program examples, the delivery includes a communications DTM for FTD applications as well as a Profibus configurator with starting-up functions.

Due to the software compatibility to its popular predecessor PROFlusb, the product can immediately be deployed in a broad range of typical applications. OPC client applications can be integrated via the optional Profibus OPC server.

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