Measuring LED luminaire flux, colour and flicker

September 27, 2016 //By Julien Happich
The FluxGage released by Ophir Photonics is a compact, all-in-one LED luminaire measurement system that measures flux, colour, and flicker, important quantities for evaluating the performance of LED-based products.

The measurement system is three times smaller and lower cost than equivalent integrating sphere products, claims the manufacturer, yet it can measure luminaires of up to 610x450mm. Designed for use by R&D during development and production for incoming inspection and quality control of new and replacement parts, the system allows LED luminaires and modules to be sorted for consistency. 

The FluxGage is an all-in-one photometric test system that uses 2π (two pi) geometry. A spectrometer is incorporated for colour measurement of the spectrum, CCT (correlated colour temperature), CRI (colour rendering index), Duv, and chromaticity. There is also a fast photodetector for flicker measurements. No fibers are needed. The FluxGage system uses solar panels as the light detector. The panels are arranged on the inside walls of the measurement cavity and are covered with black paint and a dense array of clear pinholes through which the light passes. This design significantly reduces the reflectance of the solar panels, enabling the system to be only slightly larger than the luminaire source under test. Integrated software simplifies set up and operation with all the optical data from the light source displayed. The FluxGage connects to a PC via a USB cable. A calibrated, NIST-traceable LED source is used to calibrate the system in the field.
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