Memory, analog markets to lead IC growth for five years

January 09, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
The memory portion of the global chip market – for many years a drag on the industry growth – is set to turn-around and show the strongest annual growth of all the major sectors through 2021, according to IC Insights.

The market researcher sees strong demand for memory in mobile equipment as well as in solid-state drives and big data storage graphics and virtualization taking the annual global market for memory chips from $77.3 billion in 2016 to $109.9 billion in 2021, and a compound annual growth rate over the period of 7.3 percent. There is good upside potential for DRAM, flash memory markets in 2017 and for much of forecast period, IC Insights said.

Market CAGRs of major product categories 2016 to 2021. Source: IC Insights.

The data is included in the 2017, 20th anniversary edition of the McClean Report, which separates the total IC market into four major product categories: analog, logic, memory, and microcomponents.

It forecasts that memory will leapfrog over analog, which has been strong for the last few years. And microcomponents and logic will show a slower than the total average CAGR. The logic category includes general-purpose logic, ASICs, field-programmable logic, display drivers, and application-specific standard products.

Power management analog devices are critical for helping extend battery life in portable and wireless systems and have demonstrated strong market growth in recent years.  In 2017, the signal conversion market is forecast to be the fastest growing analog IC category, and the second-fastest growing IC product category overall, trailing only the market growth of 32-bit MCUs.

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