MEMS leaders under pressure, says Yole

July 31, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
The MEMS industry is changing as established leaders with manufacturing and an emphasis on delivering components are put under pressure by fabless MEMS vendors as customers become more interested in functionality – a mix of hardware and of software – than components.

That is the opinion of analysts at Yole Developpement, which has just prepared a status report on the MEMS industry.



MEMS market forecast ($ billions) by application. Source: Yole. To see larger version of chart click here.


In 2013 the MEMS market was worth $12 billion and grew by about 10 percent but this hide the fact that unit shipments are growing at a much faster rate but accompanied by a 7 percent decrease in the average selling price (ASP). This results from the "success" of MEMS penetration into consumer electronics and mobile phones and tablet computers in particular – where competition is becoming brutal.