Modular connector interface reconfigures for heavy duty applications

November 22, 2016 // By Julien Happich
ITT has developed a modular APD connector interface said to provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing operators to easily install, manage and reconfigure APD connectors as needs evolve.

The interface delivers a highly flexible and space-saving design, allowing vehicle and machinery operators to add or reconfigure connectors during initial assembly, subsequent upgrades or routine servicing. Developed for the global heavy equipment market, the Modular APD Interface and corresponding connectors are customizable, withstand temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, and are fully compliant with IP54/IP6K5 specifications.

The APD heavy-duty connectors feature a high sealing grade fully resistant to engine, transmission and brake fluids, and are able to withstand high levels of shock and vibration. The field-reparable interconnects support high-voltage power and signal transmission and come in 1-to-51-way variants.

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