Modular probe system allows precision measurements up to 9GHz

March 15, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Used in combination with a Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope, the R&S RT-ZM probe system allows the precise measurement of fast signals at a maximum bandwidth up to 9GHz, with a DC offset range of ±16V and a MultiMode function that allows users to switch between test modes without re-contacting.

The probe provides a high dynamic range and, depending on the tip and test mode, an extremely low input capacitance of 32 femtofarad to 521 femtofarad up into the GHz range. As a result, the test signal is exposed to minimal load and distortion from the probe tip. The R&S RT-ZM system consists of the R&S RT ZM15/30/60/90 amplifier modules with 1.5 GHz to 9 GHz bandwidth plus various swappable R&S RT-ZMA tips and tip modules. The biggest innovation in the modular broadband probes is the Multimode function. Users can switch between the various test modes: differential, common mode, single-ended P and single-ended N. A single contact on the DUT is therefore sufficient for comprehensive analyses. There is no longer any need to make a new contact with the DUT. Test time and the risk of improper contacting are reduced, providing consistent test results.
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