Molex' shopping spree continues with Italian Flamar Cavi Elettrici

June 17, 2014 // By Julien Happich
Following the recent acquisition of the heavy-duty connector business of Italy-based manufacturer Westec s.r.l. last May, and after acquiring the Munich-based FCT Electronics Group in August last year, Molex Incorporated who was itself acquired by Koch Industries in November last year is now acquiring Flamar Cavi Elettrici S.r.l.

The Italy-based Flamar designs and manufactures a broad range of custom cables for multiple markets and applications.

Founded in 1976, Flamar provides a comprehensive portfolio of cable solutions for industrial automation, robotics, broadcast audio/video, and telecommunications applications.

Specializing in producing high-flex, multi-core cable featuring excellent resistance to torsion, chemicals and welding slag, Flamar has extensive experience in manufacturing high performance and durable cabling for sensors, measurement, controls, robotics and machine drives.

According to Tim Ruff, Molex senior vice president of business development and corporate strategy, the acquisition will help expand Molex cabling product offerings for machine and process control in the industrial automation and robotic industries.

Flamar will operate as a subsidiary of Molex Incorporated. The acquisition is subject to anti-trust approval and is expected to close in the calendar 3rd quarter 2014.

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