Mouser now stocking the OSRAM Ostar stage LEDs, only 1.23mm high

June 07, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Mouser Electronics is now stocking the OSRAM Ostar stage LEDs delivered in an extremely slim 1.23mm profile, made possible by a flat glass cover with an anti-reflective coating.

The flatter profile allows these LEDs to provide the basis for compact spotlights with a very narrow beam and high luminance. The glass cover has been optimized specifically for injecting light into lens systems, enabling a narrow light beam of +/- 9º to be produced. This beam is smaller by factor 2 than that of spotlights based on plastic-encapsulated LEDs and also increases the luminance of the spotlight by factor 2. The Ostar stage LEDs are based on the OSRAM Ostar SMT platform and contain four different chips in red, green, blue, and white, allowing them to produce virtually any color. All four chips are manufactured using efficient thin-film technology so that most of the light produced internally is emitted at the top and more light can be focused in the customer optics system. These LEDs are suitable for moveable stage lights which provide powerful light beams for rock concerts and other impressive lighting arrangements.

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