Multi-faceted press-fit pins maintain PCB integrity

January 12, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Mill-Max is adding to its diverse mix of press-fit pins with six new offerings designed for applications where mechanical strength and/or power delivery are essential.

These new PCB pins feature multi-faceted (polygon) geometries and are suitable for solderless PCB termination or for direct soldering to the board for those situations requiring it. When these pins are pressed into a plated through-hole the points (the major or circumscribed diameter) of the polygon are set or imbedded in the hole while the flat sides of the feature (minor or inscribed diameter) provide relief, allowing the remainder of the plated through-hole barrel to remain intact.  The result is internal board layers are not disconnected when the pin is pressed in.  With a properly specified hole size, the polygon shaped press-fit feature will allow the pin to be secured in the hole while maintaining continuity throughout all the layers of the PCB. 

The smallest pin diameter in the group is .040” while the largest is at .080”, typical sizes for DC-DC converters.  These pins are suitable for high current applications, the limits of which depend on the temperature requirements and heat sinking abilities of the environment. The pin material is typically brass but for greater electrical conductivity and more efficient heat dissipation tellurium copper is also available.

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