Multispectral sensor developer kit debuts

January 30, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Espros Photonics together with Viavi Solutions have jointly developed a miniaturized spectral sensing system-on-a-chip and a multispectral sensor developer kit.

The spectral sensor combines VIAVI’s 64-channel micro-patterned bandpass filter array and Espros' hybrid CCD-CMOS imager to make a miniature device measuring less than 2.7x2.7x1.1mm. Two versions of the sensor will be offered – one for the visible range (385-900 nm) and one for the near infrared (NIR, 775-1065nm).

The size and projected cost of the sensor should bring sophisticated wavelength analysis and shortwave NIR spectroscopy within reach of consumer mobile devices such as smartphones. In the mobile space, the sensor has the potential to help consumers analyze the composition of food, beverages and medications. The SPM64 developer kit launched by the two companies includes a prototype sensor mounted on a USB dongle-style circuit board with a microcontroller and several various light sources.

The board, when connected via USB to a computer running the supplied software, sends pre-processed spectral information to the GUI and optionally a data file. A supplied API allows customers to write their own software to control the light sources and sensor, and to acquire and analyze data.

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