'Network-Ready' dimmable LED lighting provide additional energy savings

April 25, 2016 // By PAUL BUCKLEY
Energy Focus, Inc. has developed a new generation of 'Network-Ready', dimmable LED lighting products, including dimmable tubular LED lamps that operate in direct-wire mode (without a ballast) and dual-mode (with or without a ballast), an integrated, dimmable emergency backup TLED.

Energy Focus' Network-Ready products incorporate industry standard (IEC 60929) 0-10 V dimming protocol.  As a result, power and light output of the Network-Ready lamps and fixtures can be controlled via a variety of dimming control mechanisms and networks, including wireless, broadband over power-line (BPL), as well as directly via wired low voltage D.C. (twisted-pair).  The Network-Ready LED products are expected to not only yield an immediate energy savings of typically 50% or more compared to fluorescent, but also potentially save an additional 20-30% of energy by utilizing the dimming feature through dimming control, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

The Network-Ready dimming protocol covers a wide range of products that the company is introducing, which include next generation dual-mode Intellitube and direct-wire 'D-Series' TLED product lines.  The company also plans to introduce a fully integrated, Network-Ready T8 Emergency Battery Backup TLED that functions as a standard lamp during non-emergency hours and does not need external batteries or drivers to provide backup lighting during emergencies, thereby reducing product and labor cost for emergency backup lighting needs. In addition, the company is introducing its first Network-Ready luminaire, the 'Panel-Light Series', fully integrated luminaires with a modern, elegant and sturdy design that can be used in fluorescent retrofit, renovation or new construction projects.

Energy Focus is still in the process of completing all regulatory approvals, including the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification.  Upon completion of this process, Energy Focus expects to start taking orders and shipping these new products during the second half of 2016.