NeuroMem put on hold as LabView calls

June 19, 2016 //By Peter Clarke
NeuroMem Inc. (Petaluma, Calif.), a promising startup in neuromorphic computing with links to Intel, has been folded back into the parent company it sprang from, General Vision Inc. (Petaluma, Calif.).

Philippe Lambinet, who was CEO of NeuroMem, is still involved in neuromorphic computing but at the system and sub-system level with a new company Cogito Instruments SA that he has said will make use of National Instruments' Labview development ecosystem to bring machine learning analytics to industrial applications.

"The NeuroMem technology is back inside General Vision. We took that decision because we felt that the market for 'true' neuromorphic silicon wasn’t yet ready and that the priority was to develop systems and sub-systems around that technology to prove its value," Lambinet told eeNews Europe. "If we solve real world problems, then people will realize that this disruptive technology has real value and will adopt it widely. So, NeuroMem, the fabless semiconductor company, is not the priority and has been put on hold," he added.

The neural networking technology that was being offered for license and in chip form by NeuroMem is the same pattern-classification technology deployed inside Intel's Quark SE system chip (see Startup's tech is Intel's Quark neural network).

Cogito Instruments is independent of General Vision but will use Generval Vision silicon to build sub-systems to address industrial IoT problems, Lambinet said. Cogito will build machines learning within the framework of National Instruments' Labview development environment.

"We have chosen Industry 4.0 – also called Industrial IoT – as our primary target because there are short term and very real problems that the traditional implementations do not solve. We can bring analytics capability to the edge of the network, right next to the sensors. There are many use cases where cloud-based or even PC-based analytics are not the right solution."