Next generation combo chip and display dongle accelerate WiFi adoption

June 21, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
Broadcom has launched two new WiFi devices to enable a consumer video experience that spans mobile devices, smart TVs and other consumer electronics (CE).

The new products include Broadcom's first combo chip optimized to add dual-stream, dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to CE devices and an integrated wireless dongle design that will bring WiFi Display (now called WiFi Miracast) to existing digital TVs and media boxes.
With wireless connectivity attach rates in smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming media boxes and other products expected to grow to almost 50% over the next four years, Wi-Fi will increasingly become a primary channel by which video and other media reach the CE device. Similarly, smartphones and other mobile devices have become important platforms for viewing digital content and now occupy an important role in how people access and enjoy media.
The new Broadcom BCM43242 features dual-band multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) WiFi technology to enable integrated dual video streaming and over-the-top capabilities in CE devices, supporting features such as advanced error correction and simultaneous WiFi connections to two devices. This allows a smart TV to simultaneously access Internet content and stream high-bandwidth video from a smartphone, tablet or PC. The chip can also enable peer-to-peer transmissions in the 5 GHz band, with more spectrum and less congestion in that frequency range allowing better quality video streaming and smartphone-to-TV video sharing.
With integrated Bluetooth 4.0, the new combo device will enable CE products to use advanced remotes, game controllers, stereo headphones, keyboards, 3D glasses and other interface devices. Broadcom Bluetooth also features the ability to stream audio to home stereos, enable voice recognition in remote controls and connect smartphones and other devices to the CE ecosystem, driving innovation in user interface development. The BCM43242 includes Broadcom's best-in-class InConcert co-existence technology--with key optimizations for DTV use cases--that enables uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity while maintaining high Wi-Fi throughput.
Broadcom's new wireless dongle design features the proven capabilities of the BCM43236 dual-band Wi-Fi chip and the low power, high performance BCM2835 VideoCore media processor, enabling cost-effective adapter products that easily add