NFC chip compliant to CIPURSE open standard for secure transit applications

November 21, 2011 // By Julien Happich
Infineon Technologies released a security chip solution compliant to the open CIPURSE standard as per the specifications of the Open Standard Public Transport (OSPT) Alliance for public transport applications. With a dedicated CIPURSE controller, the company's security chip allows secure access to trains and buses as well as secure, interoperable and flexible automatic fare collection implementations. Infineon also announced CIPURSE compliant NFC (Near Field Communication) secure elements.

This allows transport providers to introduce secure ticket purchase and access control via NFC enabled mobile devices. Infineon offers CIPURSE functionality for NFC secure elements using Single Wire Protocol (SWP) as well as for embedded Secure Elements (eSE) with Digital Contact Less Bridge (DCLB) interfaces. SWP is the standardized interface between a NFC SIM card and a NFC modem. SWP can run up to 1.7 Mbit/s and, as standard, it supports all types of contactless transactions. The DCLB interface is a freely available and globally open solution offering a fast (848kbit/s) and transparent connection between an embedded Secure Element and a NFC modem. Offered as standalone chip, or coupled with an NFC modem, the embedded Secure Element is a highly secure controller featuring Infineon’s innovative security technology Integrity Guard.
CIPURSE defines a common feature set that allows to be implemented in different devices such as smart cards, NFC enabled phones and Secure Access Modules (SAM). It’s based on ISO 7816 and features an authentication scheme based on Advanced Encryption Standard AES128.

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