OneSpin Solutions takes formal verification to the App store

May 21, 2015 //By Julien Happich
Celebrating its 10-year anniversary since it was first spun out from Siemens/Infineon, formal verification EDA tool vendor OneSpin Solutions is bringing a new business model to this particular EDA segment with its 360 LaunchPad.

Designed as an adaptive formal technology platform, 360 LaunchPad allows third-party companies with limited knowledge of formal verification technology to develop and deliver formal-based apps.

"Typically, before LaunchPad, customers had to ask their EDA provider for formal verification solutions dedicated to their field, and either they had to wait and hope for a solution, or they had to build up a team of formal verification experts to painstakingly craft their own solution", told us OneSpin Solutions' Vice President of Marketing Dave Kelf.

According to Kelf, for many EDA vendors, supporting every new market need with appropriate formal verification tools is proving difficult and not economically viable, hence the idea to let experts in their own domain craft dedicated verification apps on the basis of a proven platform.

"The idea came about when discussing the needs of one of our customers working in the security space", commented Kelf, referring to Tortuga Logic.

One way to answer their needs could have been to hire encryption and security experts to include a dedicated verification flow in OneSpin's full verification tool, but then that customer may not have been interested in buying the full tool only for using part of it.

360 LaunchPad owes its adaptive behaviour to its proprietary proof engines and a verification flow that automatically determines which verification engines to use for each task. Once created, the Apps are validated by OneSpin and made available through the company's App Library to operate with the company’s formal product line.

To date, Agnisys Inc. and Tortuga Logic Inc. have integrated LaunchPad into their systems realization and security software solutions, respectively. Both have executed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements with OneSpin. For example, security verification expert Tortuga Logic has delivered LaunchPad as part of its Prospect™ product line, using an appropriate business model. Other implementations, including Intellectual Property (IP) related developments, will be announced soon.

The OEM agreements allow specialist companies to develop formal