Online design tool adds precision to inductor loss calculations

August 06, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Red Expert is online software from Würth Elektronik eiSos (Waldenburg, Germany), enabling users of the company’s power inductors to simulate operation and derive AC losses with a high degree of accuracy.

With just a few clicks, engineers can select power inductors are make complete AC loss calculations. A notable feature, the company adds, is that Red Expert enables the world's most precise loss calculation, because it is not based on the known Steinmetz models with sinusoidal excitation, but rather is derived and validated from measurements of the power inductors in a switching controller set-up.

Losses determined with Red Expert are based on current and voltage waveforms typical in applications. As well as the core and winding losses, they also include the losses arising from the specific geometries of the inductance, such as the air gap.

Particular highlights of the Red Expert AC loss model are the range of duty cycles supported, from 10 to 90%, and the switching frequency range of 50 kHz to 5 MHz. This gives the Red Expert AC loss model a previously unattained precision.

Red Expert is freely available in German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Chinese at;