Optocoupler card isolates 16 digital signals

September 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The optocoupler card OI16 from BMC Messsysteme has been designed to offer galvanic isolation for 16 digital signals (with 16 optocoupler inputs and 16 semiconductor switches).

Offering electrical isolation and optimum protection for data acquisition and control systems, the 16 digital states in the 3 to 32V voltage range can be sampled and recorded. The 16 semiconductor switches of the OI16 consist of high-side drivers for voltages in the 5 to 32V range. The digital inputs and outputs of the application-specific hardware (sensor, machine, etc.) are connected through a 37-pole D-Sub female connector. A 37-pole D-Sub male serves for the connection to the DAQ and control system. Only a 37-pole D-Sub extension cable is needed to connect to the digital I/O interface PCI-PIO, PCI-Base II, PCIe-Base, or LAN-AD16fx.

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