Oscilloscope probe is WiFi-enabled

February 27, 2018 // By Julien Happich
With its new oscilloscope concept IkaScope, French startup Ikalogic aims to redefine oscilloscope portability and ergonomics. The hand-held WiFi-enabled oscilloscope probe conveniently lets users capture, measure and analyze signals, streaming the data to any connected screen around, from smartphones to tablets or laptops.

The factory calibrated unit weighs less than 60g and fit in the hand. It comes with patented ProbeClick technology, the probe detects when pressure is applied or released, allowing measurement to be automatically started and stopped without ​relying on a ​traditional ​Run/Stop ​button. The instrument offers a 200 MSa/s sampling rate for ​an ​30​MHz ​bandwidth ​and ​4​000 points ​of memory, supporting a waveform refresh rate up to 250 ​fps. It takes a maximum 80Vpp input range (AC/DC), has an 8-bit vertical resolution and works on ​Windows, ​Linux, ​MacOS, ​Android ​and ​iOS. Its MicroUSB-rechargeable battery will last about a week at 20 ​measurements ​per ​day.

Device operation have been thought specially for situations where one does not have easy access to an oscilloscope, or where heavy and bulky instruments are not a practical solution. Automotive and aerospace industry are among those fields who can benefit from IkaScope’s augmented ergonomics and portability.

Ikalogic - www.ikalogic.com

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