pi-top kit in stock at RS Components

May 19, 2016 // By Julien Happich
RS Components (RS) is extending its portfolio of processor board development kits with the addition of the competitively priced pi-top ‘build your own laptop’ kit.

Launched in a Kickstarter campaign, the pi-top concept is essentially a Raspberry Pi powered laptop enabling students to learn about programming, computing and hardware creation including electronics fabrication. It also teaches students transferable skills that will help them to create their own hacker and maker hardware projects. With no need for a soldering iron, the pi-top concept allows users to quickly start to experiment with electronics, create PCBs and produce 3D printing projects such as a pi-top case. This is facilitated through step-by-step online tutorials and lesson plans, and provides for collaborative learning and sharing with others in a cloud-based learning model.
The kit allows the building of a customised laptop with the addition of a Raspberry Pi board to provide the computing power. The kit comprises: a 13.3-inch HD LCD screen with eDP interface and 1366 x 768 resolution; a smart battery with more than 10 hours run time; a two-Wire SMBus V2.0 interface; a trackpad and fully programmable keyboard; an 8GB SD card with pre-installed pi-topOS; power supply; acrylic slice; and an image-based build manual.
The pi-top comes bundled with pi-topOS – the pi-top maker-based operating system – and other engaging educational software.

Visit RS Components at www.rs-online.com