pi-topPULSE module add music, lightshows and Amazon Alexa capability to the Raspberry Pi 3

July 24, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The pi-topPULSE is a sleek, HAT compatible, add-on board that functions as a high-end Raspberry Pi speaker, features a vivid 7x7 RGB LED matrix and includes an inbuilt microphone.

Measuring only 60x67mm, it’s easy to transport and deploy in any classroom. It can be used both as an add-on for pi-top or pi-topCEED, and additionally as a HAT for the Raspberry Pi 3. Useful in projects as a LED array, speaker and microphone, the pi-topPULSE can be used for games, to listen to music, sample music recordings and be programmed as a voice controlled Raspberry Pi. 
Suitable for beginners and experts alike, the pi-topPULSE is a fun, educational tool that helps bring the Arts into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) projects with added visual and creative elements. pi-topPULSE offers a plethora of projects across the board, including classic games such as Snake, which can be easily programmed and brought to life.
The unit comes fully assembled and ready to go and includes magnetic stand-offs that can be added to the Raspberry Pi if used as a HAT. A suite of python libraries is provided to make usage simple and easy, with lots of example programs, demos and pi-top lesson plans (pi-topOS only) available to get you started with the LEDs, speaker and microphone. The module integrates with cloud-based voice control Amazon Alexa. pi-topPULSE is now shipping globally exclusively available from RS Components in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

RS Components - www.rs-online.com


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