PNI offers dead reckoning processor

January 18, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
PNI Sensor Corp. (Santa Rosa, Calif.) has introduced the SENtrace, a coprocessor designed to perform pedestrian tracking using data from inertial sensors.

It does so at about one tenth the power consumption of global positioning systems (GPS) the company claims.

The SENtrace unit is a 32bit processor with a custom floating-point unit embedded with PNI's sensor fusion tracking algorithms. The unit measures 1.7mm by 1.7mm by 0.5mm and is accurate down to about the nearest meter in every 100 meters travelled, the company claims.

The procoessor is a 32bit ARC processor licensed from Synopsys. In the past PNI Sensor has worked with EM Microelectronic Marin SA as its supplier of ultralow power ICs.

"We foresee a range of applications for SENtrace in wearables. They include wrist-worn devices for locating lost children or elders and enhanced activity wristbands and smartwatches for athletes and fitness enthusiasts," said Becky Oh, president and CEO of PNI Sensor, in a statement.

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