Portable instrument enclosures with shoulder strap and brackets

September 15, 2016 // By Julien Happich
OKW has added a shoulder strap and brackets to its CARRYTEC range of portable instrument enclosures.

The enclosures can be carried, clipped to a round tube bedrail for medical applications or mounted on a desk, wall or suspension arm.

The new black adjustable strap is wedge-shaped to ensure optimum load distribution and to prevent it from slipping off the shoulder.

Measuring 160cmx55mmx5mm, the strap will fit all sizes of CARRYTEC (S, M and L) enclosures as well as OKW’s 330 and 340 carry cases. The strap clips quickly and easily to universal brackets with two mounting holes. Each bracket kit contains two black (RAL 9005) plastic brackets, four screws and four washers.

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