Power LEDs in a golden high reflective package target exterior automotive applications

May 19, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Everlight Electronics has unveiled four new ceramic high reflective packaged high power automotive LEDs with a Golden Lead Frame in four different colours White, PC-Amber, Red and Super Red, according to their preferred exterior applications.

The 3030CLU-NP (White) features a cool colour temperature of 5180-6680K which makes it especially suited for DRL. Version 3030CLU-UY (PC-Amber) is recommended for turn indicators and tail lights. As for CHMSL, brake lamps and rear combination lamps, the 3030CLU-URR (Red) and 3030CLU-USR (Super Red) deliver a wavelength range of 612-624nm and 627-639nm respectively with a high luminous flux at 350mA. All four LEDs come in a 3.0x3.0x0.8mm golden high reflective package with a 120° wide viewing angle. Using a ceramic substrate results in lower costs and a low thermal resistance of less than 7⁰C/W for optimized heat management, while the devices remain operational at a junction temperature of up to 150⁰C. All LED packages have passed qualification according to AEC-Q101 and comply with the highest MSL standard MSL1. The devices are also ESD protected for voltages up to 8KV.

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