Power thyristor/diode modules for cost-sensitive applications

July 31, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon Technologies has extended its product portfolio of thyristor/diode modules in solder bond technology with a 50 mm module. These bipolar modules address the growing market for cost-effective solutions at lower prices than comparable pressure contact variants.

Solder bond modules are suitable for applications where the high robustness of pressure contact technology is not necessarily required, such as in drives, power supplies and welding.

The 50 mm bipolar module variant covers current ratings from 280A to 330A. The 20 mm and 34 mm variants have been in production for more than two years. All modules have been developed as cost and performance optimized alternatives to pressure contact technology. They are packaged in industrial standard housings with an electrically insulated base plate. All modules are offered with topologies of thyristor/thyristor, thyristor/diode and diode/diode with a blocking voltage of 1600V and in current ratings from 55A to 330A. Infineon is planning to release additional module types with blocking voltages of 1800V and 2200V in 2017.

Infineon; www.infineon.com/solderbond