Power Transistor Modeler gives accurate calculations at TowerJazz

August 03, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
TowerJazz is using the Power Transistor Modeling tool (PTM) from Belgian EDA supplier Magwell as part of its flow for designing power transistors.

The PTM is used by engineers and circuit designers building converter circuits such as DC-DC converters, switching power supplies and a wide variety of power management chips.

Working with Magwel, TowerJazz performed thorough silicon based measurement correlation using PTM showing results extremely close to silicon. This gives the ability to predict and optimize device performance before tape-out, reducing time to market. This need for optimised power management devices is being driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, automotive and wearable applications.

PTM takes the guess-work out of predicting RDS on prior to tape out. PTM also reports and visualizes current density and voltage drop produced by 3D current flows. PTM users can easily and fully explore design alternatives to shave precious milliohms off of their RDS on specification, avoid EM or IR drop issues and improve device reliability.

Magwel PTM works in any custom layout flow, reporting and displayin current densities and electro-migration rule violations on the layout. Current density and voltage distributions can be viewed in 2D or 1D cross-cut formats.

TowerJazz’s 0.18um power management platform covers a wide range of applications with devices ranging from 5 to 700V, starting with a 5~60V BCD process featuring state of the art low Rdson LDMOS, continuing with a 200V SOI process and 450V~750V transistors on the upper end. The PDK includes unique scalable voltage LDMOS devices accompanied by a wide range of CMOS and analogue devices for complex PMIC designs.

“Working with TowerJazz has shown us their willingness to expend the extra effort to ensure that their customers’ finished silicon is best in class,” said Dündar Dumlugöl, Magwel CEO. “Cooperation between tool vendors and customer foundries is the key to superior results with these designs.”

PTM is part of a comprehensive family of tools available from Magwel for modeling all aspects of power transistor behavior and performance. These include PTM-TR transient that uses intrinsic device models in conjunction with its 3D extractor to produce Fast3D models that


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