Power Trends: Microsemi sees integration from device to module drive innovation

June 21, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Siobhan Dolan Clancy, general manager, discrete products group, Microsemi
In the first of a series of power interviews, Nick Flaherty talks to Siobhan Dolan Clancy, Vice President and General Manager of the discrete products group at Microsemi. 

"A lot of our roadmap and decisions and investments are based on initiatives of lead customers in Europe,” said Siobhan Dolan Clancy, Vice President and Gneral Manager of the discrete products group at Microsemi based in Ireland. “My position is evidence of our strategy. When I took over this group in April we integrated all of our power solutions in one entity – we have power and RF within the discretes group and integrate from the device level at the fab through our packaging expertise from devices to modules and then integrated with the power systems team, all in the same organisation.”

 “We feel that’s really important for the markets that we serve – customers are looking at the total cost of ownership not just the device costs. It’s not just individual devices or modules, they are looking for tradeoffs at a system level and Microsemi is uniquely positioned to provide this.”

The discrete products group makes up around a third of the company’s $1.2bn turnover in 2105.

“As a company, the main market segments we target are industrial with niche areas such as high frequency and high voltage applications, and we are going after those markets with silicon and silicon carbide technologies. These are things like welding, renewable energy, and induction heating, all the areas where the switched mode power supply and inverters are at the heart of the design so that our technology and packaging in modules can provide the greatest differentiation.”

“We are very selective,” she said. “The growth areas are in higher frequency and higher voltage and we have a comfortable market share in the more mature markets, so in some of these we are seeing 5 – 8% growth.”