Pre-attached Teflon Leadwire option for high-temp stress analysis

March 15, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The Micro-Measurements brand of Vishay Precision Group announced a new, optional pre-attached Teflon leadwire for its CEA- and WK-series strain gages, Option SP35, in support of high-temperature stress analysis requirements to +204°C.

A key benefit in the specification of pre-cabled gages for stress analysis is their efficiency during installation. With this new option, Micro-Measurements has extended this benefit into higher application temperatures. New Option SP35 includes three meters of 30-AWG, twisted, etched Teflon leadwires (330-FTE). The etching ensures that any protective coatings applied over the installation will bond and seal to the cable. Gage leadwires are pre-attached via solder to the CEA- and WK-series strain gages, allowing them to support specific requirements to +177°C and +204°, respectively. Their three-wire quarter bridge configuration cancels any potential cable thermal output which may occur in response to temperature changes.

Option SP35 is suitable for the support of higher temperature stress analyses of automotive and aerospace components, or of any other structural material, more particularly for higher temperature composite materials testing. In addition, Option SP35 has no impact on strain gage resistance tolerance or strain range specifications, allowing for continued seamless integration into the application environment.

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