Pre-cured, single part thermal gel eliminates time consuming hand assembly

May 03, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Parker Chomerics' latest high performance thermal gel, Therm-a-gap Gel45 is supplied as a pre-cured, single part compound for dispensing over heat-generating electronic components.

The gel is purpose-designed to eliminate time consuming hand assembly and results in much lower mechanical stress on delicate components than even the softest gap-filling pads. The compound is suitable for filling variable gaps between multiple components and a common heatsink. Specifically, Therm-a-gap Gel45 requires no mixing or curing, providing superior design flexibility. Benefits include low thermal impedance when applied to thin and thick gaps, allowing the use of common heat spreaders. In addition, these advanced products deflect easily under very low compressive forces, decreasing component stress and reducing failures.

The product is easy to dispense, compatible with automated processes, it offers a high tack surface and is reworkable. Furthermore, it can accommodate a variety of bond line thicknesses (0.089mm minimum) for successful application to multiple devices.  

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