Precision impedance analyzer and LCR meter

June 30, 2016 // By Julien Happich
With the launch of the 5MHz MFIA, Zurich Instruments is introducing a new type of impedance analyzer and precision LCR meter allowing more accurate (0.05%, typical) and faster (up to 20ms per measurement point) measurements over a larger frequency range in comparison to conventional impedance analyzers.

The MFIA impedance analyzer is well suited for impedance measurements from 1mΩ to 10GΩ in the frequency range 1Hz to 5MHz; DC measurements can also be performed. The instrument’s LabOne user interface comes with a number of new features specifically designed for impedance analysis: the Compensation-Advisor supports the user step-by-step through the elimination of unwanted parasitic effects between the instrument and the probe; the Confidence-Indicator calculates the reliability level of the measurement based on the measurement parameters and sets a warning flag in critical cases; the Parametric Sweeper allows fast and simple automation of measurement tasks.

An embedded webserver makes software installation unnecessary, with the instrument being easily accessible via a web-browser. Measurement data can be transferred directly to PC and, for programmers, APIs and examples for LabView, MATLAB, Python and C are included.

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