Programmable platform supports real-time streaming analytics

March 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Recore Systems has launched FlexaWare, a programmable platform for real-time streaming analytics. In FlexaWare’s Software Development Environment, customers can describe their own application for real-time decision making on large data streams.

Running those application on the FlexaWare hardware platform reduces their ‘time to insight’, which allows to act faster on incoming data.  FlexaWare hardware is built with 16 10Gb Ethernet ports and hundreds of parallel processor cores that can analyze data extremely fast. It was designed from the ground up to receive large amounts of streaming data in parallel, process in real-time, and turn data into actions, corrections, or alerts. With the accompanying FlexaWare Software Development Environment, programming is simple and straightforward, regardless of the underlying many-core hardware complexity.

FlexaWare can run applications that inspect, correlate and analyze data as it streams into the platform from a myriad of different sources. It processes the data decentralized, in real-time, before it lands in a database, with optimized hardware, at the right place in the network and therefore acts on the data much faster than traditional, centralized data analytics technologies do in the datacentre, claims the manufacturer.

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