Programmable-RF IC maker joins mobility computing research

August 05, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Lime Micro has disclosed that it is working with On.Lab on the CORD Project for M-CORD (Mobility Data Center) Solution proof-of-concept; the work targets a number of applications including rural area coverage and use cases for Mobile Edge Computing.

Lime Micro (Guildford, UK), provider of open source Software Defined Radio products for 2G to 5G wireless networks, has announced its collaboration with the CORD Project - this work forms a key part in Lime’s commitment with service and solutions providers to drive innovation around open source CORD-based platforms to solve the challenges in universal and reliable cellular coverage.

Building on the success of the original CORD Project, an open source project that delivers cloud economics and agility to the telco central office, the MCORD expands the scope of the proof-of-concept to include specific uses cases of SDN (software defined networking) and NFV (network function virtualzation) for mobility wireless applications. The ability to seamlessly integrate new technologies such as Cloud RAN (radio access network) (C-RAN), Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and virtualize core functions such as the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) provide an innovative and scalable solution for many of the issues faced by carriers as they expand existing networks and look to the needs of the future.

"Lime Micro recognizes the potential of ONOS as an open source SDN platform and the service provider solutions it enables. The MCORD architecture combined with our open source virtualized RAN hardware implementation, should bring about the basis for highly innovative application enabled services," said Ebrahim Bushehri CEO of Lime Micro.

"We recognize that building a CORD reference implementation is an ambitious initiative that relies on community collaboration. We’re pleased to welcome Lime Micro to the CORD Project and look forward to the development of new and varied services and applications that the company and its ecosystem of suppliers will bring to market," said Guru Parulkar, Executive Director of ON.Lab’s CORD Project. "CORD Project and Lime Micro both share a vision to build mobile networks using open networking technologies."