Prototyping platform supports up to 14 million equivalent ASIC gates

June 19, 2017 // By Julien Happich
During the Design Automation Conference, Pro Design has released three new high-speed FPGA modules for its proFPGA product family of FPGA based prototyping solutions.

Based on the latest Xilinx Virtex UltraScale, UltraScale+ and Intel Stratix10 FPGA technologies, the flexible and scalable systems support efficient ASIC and IP prototyping, real time system integration and pre-silicon software development.
With the proFPGA XCVU9P, XCVU7P and XCVU5P UltraScale+ FPGA modules, the company has optimized and trimmed its boards to ensure best signal integrity, using special high-end PCB material to reach high performance and signal rating. In combination with the dedicated high-speed connectors a maximum point to point speed of up to 1 Gbps single ended over the standard FPGA IOs and up to 23 Gbps over the high-speed transceiver IOs can be achieved.
The new FPGA modules can be easily assembled on the proFPGA motherboards and mixed with the existing proFPGA FPGA modules and are fully compatible with all proFPGA accessories like interface boards and interconnection cables.
The new FPGA modules offer with its 6 extension sites, 585 free accessible user IOs and an ASIC equivalent capacity from 7.1 up to 14 million gates. The FPGA modules' 64 high speed transceivers (GTY) support data transfer rates up to 23 Gb/s for the verification and testing of high speed interfaces like PCIe Gen4.
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