Quad-core PowerPC VPX board uses hypervisors to consolidate applications into single platform

May 29, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
Kontron has introduced its latest quad-core PowerPC 3U VPX board for rugged embedded systems that need to process compute-intensive applications using the lowest possible power consumption.

The headless VX3240 features the new, power optimized Freescale P2041 QorIQ processor with four 1.2 GHz Power Architecture e500mc cores, which helps engineers to successfully meet current and future challenges of Size, Weight & Power and Cooling (SWaP-C) requirements for constrained environments in the military, aerospace and transportation markets. Moreover, the integrated hypervisor support enabling the use of low level safety critical virtualization technologies from companies such as Wind River, RTS or Sysgo, makes the VX3240 the ideal SBC for consolidation of multiple applications into a single platform, further improving the SWaP-C balance.
Network-centric applications also benefit from the data path acceleration architecture (DPAA), which offloads packet handling tasks from the core, providing increased processor performance for critical tasks while the secure boot feature of the CPU can be used for trusted boot implementation, allowing only authenticated code to run on the board. Applications for the 3U VPX processor board include C4ISR, software defined radio and networked applications that require rugged OpenVPX designs to operate in the most demanding environments. Safety-critical railway applications also benefit from this architecture.
Its wide range of I/Os, including Gigabit Ethernet, GPIOs, USB, SATA and serial interfaces, simplifies integration in new, data- intensive, low-power system designs. Furthermore, an on-board PMC/XMC slot offers engineers a space-saving extension option to integrate dedicated I/O, field bus or storage modules without occupying an additional VPX system slot. The multi-core processor is also designed to execute application code written for legacy PowerPC versions, enabling simple upgrades of existing installations without the need to change the code basis. Backed up by Kontron's Long Term Supply Program, the Kontron VX3240 is an ideal fit for long-term projects, providing 20+ years secured availability.
The VX3240 is based on the 1.2 GHz quad-core Freescale QorIQ P2041 processor with up to 8 GB soldered DDR-3 SDRAM. An optional XMC/PMC slot enables application specific customization by adding specialized PCIe or PCI based expansion boards, saving a