Quadruple thermocouple interface for efficient ICE control

November 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The MLX90342 is a high-performance quadruple thermocouple interface that provides rapid response and very high levels of accuracy when measuring extreme temperatures.

It has been specifically designed to allow automotive designers to address the need for more stringent engine and exhaust thermal management and control. This need is being driven by the higher temperatures associated with new, smaller, more efficient engine designs. Target applications include turbo charger temperature control, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel/gasoline particle filtering systems.

Drawing on nearly three decades of automotive engineering experience, the MLX90342 supports a -40°C to 1300°C thermocouple temperature range and has an operating temperature specification spanning -40°C to 155°C. Sophisticated on-board cold junction compensation and linearization, plus factory calibration, guarantee an intrinsic accuracy of ±5°C (at 1100°C). This effectively means the sensor is twice as accurate as other currently available devices. The sensor interface is housed in a miniature, 26-pin 6x4mm QFN package and has a rapid refresh rate of 50Hz that aligns with manufacturer expectations for high-speed response.

Temperature data can be transmitted via a SENT Revision 3 digital interface, while extensive diagnostic capabilities monitor the health of the sensor and interface, identifying operational problems without the need for additional components.

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