Quantum film startup raises $17 million in Series D

April 09, 2014 //By Peter Clarke
InVisage Technologies Inc. (Menlo Park, Calif.), a developer of a quantum-dot based film material intended to improve light capture in image sensors, has raised $17,832,709 out of a total equity offering of $30 million, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing dated March 25, 2014

In February the company announced it had received a Series D round of venture funding led by GGV Capital and including Nokia Growth Partners who joined existing investors RockPort Capital, InterWest Partners, Intel Capital and OnPoint Technologies.


InVisage said it would use the Series D money to begin manufacturing its QuantumFilm image sensors, which are being evaluated by phone manufacturers.


QuantumFilm is the world's most light-sensitive image sensor for smartphones, InVisage claims. The company's approach is to add a layer of quantum dot film to conventional CMOS image sensors. The increased sensitivity provides more headroom for sensor design and improves photographs in low light conditions.


"The participation of new investors, including a major handset maker, in this round signals that imaging is a critical differentiator in mobile devices," said Jess Lee, CEO of InVisage Technologies, in a statement.


InVisage made the news recently by producing a promotional video described as an introduction to company's product but did so while deriding the communications skills of engineers.


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