Radiation tolerant 3-phase motor drive delivers 5A continuous

June 17, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Data Device Corporation's PW-82336 is a high-reliability, 3-phase radiation tolerant motor drive, providing 100k Rad Total Dose protection, and advanced circuit and logic protection to ensure fail-safe operation.

The 66x35.6x6.35mm unit uses a high-efficiency, radiation tolerant MOSFET output stage with 100 VDC rating to deliver 5A continuous current (10A peak current) to the motor, along with flexible I/O, enabling a common design to be used across multiple applications. Its flexible I/O allows a common design to be used across multiple application platforms with individual bridge returns and standard logic level inputs to facilitate design implementation. The package eliminates shoot-through conditions with high and low-side input logic signals XOR's in each phase to prevent simultaneous turn on of in-line transistors. Internal logic controls (from +5 to +15 V ) support the high and low-side gate drivers for each phase.

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