Reflector-type 1.8x1.6mm 3-colour LED targets wearable matrix displays

January 31, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The MSL0402RGBU reflector-type 3-colour LED achieves what Rohm claims to be the smallest size in the industry, with a 1.8x1.6mm footprint. By reducing the mounting area by 70% compared to the company's conventional LEDs, the new device enables high-density mounting and provides excellent colour mixing characteristics for the design of high resolution LED matrices.

Normally, Zener diodes are used as a countermeasure to static electricity in LEDs. However, in matrix circuits this can cause current to flow to other LEDs, resulting in unwanted light emission. In contrast, the MSL0402RGBU employs a high ESD resistance element that eliminates the need for a Zener protection diode, ensuring superior display performance in matrix circuits. The six-pin device can output up to 400mcd in red, up to 550mcd in green and up to 180mcd in blue.

The MSL0402RGBU uses a gold plated substrate that prevents sulfuration even when silicon resin packages are used. This minimizes brightness degradations and contributes to greater long-term application reliability.

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