Reusable autoclavable mass flow meters

February 11, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Sensirion has developed new flow metering devices that are autoclavable and can be washed. The SFM3200-AW and SFM3300-AW mass flow meters are aimed at applications involving expiratory and proximal ventilation.

The CMOSens technology used by Sensirion is extremely resistant to environmental influences, which makes the flow sensors suitable for applications where sterilization is required. The chip-based sensor component was tested for more than 1000 hours at 150°C.

Test results show that the sensor components have withstood 1000 temperature variation cycles involving switches from -40°C to 140°C. While the SFM3200-AW achieves a lower pressure drop, both sensors measures the flow rates of air, oxygen and other non-aggressive gases up to 250 slm. According to aging models, the offset drift over a ten-year lifespan is expected to be smaller than 0.2 slm.

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