RF contact probe for high-speed data connectors

March 04, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Peak Test Services has just released its new P61/G series of spring contact probes specifically designed for heavy-duty testing applications such as automotive cable harnesses.

The probe is threaded so it may be securely screwed into the test fixture, and equipped with a gold-plated steel spring to ensure the tip makes accurate contact with the subject component, maximising the capture area and minimising damage to the probe or the component. It also offers longer travel and higher extension than the Peak Test Services P60/G and similar probes on the market making it suitable for testing recessed connections and similar tasks. The P61/G probe is available with a spear or flat-nosed spear tip which can be specified according to the need to ensure positioning accuracy or signal strength and allowing well defined and reproducible measuring paths even when probes are changed. Capable of handling electrical currents of loads of up to 5 A, the P61/G probe is available with a choice of two spring loadings (1.5N or 3.0N). A push fit version (the P61) is also available.

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