RGB LED boards take different shapes on kickstarter

March 06, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Founder of the RasPi.TV blog, electronic engineer Alex Eames has launched yet another kickstarter campaign inspired from the tiny open-source board. Under the RasPiO Inspiring name, Eames proposes a system of programmable RGB LED boards which can connect together to make whatever 2D or 3D shape and create any sort of connected creative lighting.

All the boards are based on a 1cm LED spacing and feature a 10cm side, with through-holes for standard 2.54mm headers (they can also be wired directly). Each shape has at least one set of inputs and outputs so they can be 'daisy-chained' together. The straights have 3 sets of input/output holes so they can be connected at 180°, 90° or 45°. The boards to be made available include a straight 8-LED strip, a 24-LED equilateral triangle (with 10cm sides), a 24-LED circle (10cm diameter) and possibly a semi-circle (12 LEDs) and a square LED arrangement with 36 LEDs and 10cm sides. Each colour of each LED is rated at 20mA, and the RGB LEDs are controlled by a pHAT-sized driver board for Raspberry Pi, with a buffer chip to handle the 5V logic levels and a space for external power if needed. Pi GPIO ports are broken out, with space for an optional ADC to control the LEDs with potentiometers or sensors.

The RasPiO Inspiring can be controlled by most popular electronics platforms, including Raspberry Pi and Python (or any other language), Arduino, ESP8266, ATtiny. It could even be controlled from a smartphone if wifi-enabled through an additional Pi Zero W board. All sorts of control mechanisms can be hooked up to the driver, using light, motion, sound or temperature sensors to trigger the LEDs.


Check out the RasPiO Inspiring campaign