Rugged connectors secure wire-board links for EV inverters

April 04, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Erni Electronics’ addition to its SMC 1.27mm product line for ruggedised applications and requirements uses an established design of double-sided stamped and formed spring contact to provide a highly reliable electrical connection.

Rugged applications have demanded an even more secure mechanical connection between the two mated components. The SMC wire-to-board solution (connector system with female IDC right angle and male SMT vertical connectors) has been improved with modifications that meet the rigid requirements of industrial automation and automotive segments. The new SMC Secure Lock variants address especially the needs of inverter designs in electric/hybrid vehicles. The enhanced and securely latched mated connector (i.e. with high vibration and shock robustness) enables relaxed systems tolerances while avoiding precise mating procedures that can add cost and compromise yield.

The new geometry of the IDC female and the PCB male connectors requires increased mating forces to achieve the enhanced locking mechanism. A secondary design benefit is that the user receives a tactile and audible feedback to confirm the connection is secure. The risk of contact damage during plugging is also eliminated due to additional guides and wider locking latches. To release the connector, a low-cost tool is available. Based on the 50-pin SMC Secure Lock connectors, compact and high reliable (ruggedised) flat ribbon cable assemblies can be realised.

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