Saft partners KACO to target swarm energy storage solutions

June 10, 2015 // By Paul Buckley
Saft is launching a lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage system, which was deveopled in partnership with inverter specialist KACO new energy GmbH, to offer high performance energy storage for high-end residential and small commercial solar PV installations.

The Intensium Home 10M energy storage system, which is being launched at this week's Intersolar Europe event in Munich, Germany, has been developed to complement Saft’s established range of Li-ion energy storage systems.  

The Intensium Home 10M has been developed alongside KACO’s new three-phase inverter. The Saft and KACO package is a solution for the growing number of home and commercial producers and consumers who are keen to maximize self-consumption of energy.

The Intensium Home 10M 240 V system comprises five Li-ion modules to provide both high power capability, rated at 10 kW, with 10 kWh energy storage in an
aesthetically designed cabinet specific for home and commercial installations. The high power Li-ion system will work in partnership with KACO energy’s blueplanet gridsave 14.0 TL3 inverter in installations up to 30 kW. The combination will help domestic and small company users boost self-consumption of their own clean energy.

Users will be able to follow their system’s performance on their smartphone.

“Saft is a leader in Li-ion energy storage while KACO new energy is a top 10 inverter brand worldwide. Together we form a strong partnership that provides customers with a total package solution fully validated by testing in real homes. This approach smoothes the way to delivering an effective, fast-track energy storage and management solution,” said Volker Dietrich, Director of Energy Systems Technology Division, KACO new energy. “The partnership will enable Saft and KACO new energy to undertake common promotion and training, transfer of expertise and co-use of existing sales channels.”