Segger tools aid Renesas to grow RX processor ecosystem

July 21, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Segger’s SystemView aids RX MCU application development via more effective data visualization; the companies are to collaborate to boost expansion of the ecosystem of Renesas’ RX Family of 32-bit microcontroller units (MCUs) through adoption of Segger’s newly-released SystemView software.

SystemView will support streaming over J-Link, as well as real-time analysis and visualization, in relation to any Renesas RX-based embedded design. SystemView gives complete insight into the behaviour of a program, with minimal side effects on the embedded system being observed. It offers cycle -ccurate tracing of interrupts and task start/stop, plus task activation and API calls when an RTOS is used. It visualizes and analyzes CPU load by task, interrupts and software timers. Using Segger's J-Link debug probe with SystemView streaming data transfer gives analysis in real-time. This enables an in-depth understanding of the application’s runtime behaviour to be derived. Real-time analysis is particularly advantageous when dealing with complex systems consisting of multiple threads and events, and also in bare-metal systems without any RTOS.

Renesas’ RX Family of 32-bit MCUs is built around Renesas’ proprietary RXv1/RXv2 CPU core; the family consists of four product series: the flagship RX700 series, with the fastest performance and most advanced functions; the standard RX600 series; the RX200 series, which delivers an optimal balance of power efficiency and high performance; and the entry-level RX100 series, with extremely low power consumption. These four series encompass a range of products for solutions within fields such as industry automation, security, home appliance, healthcare and human interface that provide seamless scalability from small-scale to large-scale applications.

Renesas adds, “SystemView demonstrates the power and efficiency of modern debug tools, where the latest technology ensures an efficient embedded design process. With Segger’s support, we can now offer an expanded ecosystem to our customers using the powerful and scalable RX microcontroller family.”