Selective soldering system has built-in connection validation

October 18, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Built on the company’s SmartHeat technology, used in all Metcal soldering systems, the Connection Validation (CV) evaluates the quality of the solder joint by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and providing closed-loop feedback to the operator, mitigating risk in the process.

Metcal has just released a CV Monitoring Software to improve solder process traceability and create a performance baseline to quickly analyze soldering performance, identify changes in solder conditions, and allow a continuous adaptation in the soldering process. Robotic soldering is becoming more commonplace as manufacturers look to reduce risk and increase productivity. Metcal’s new CV Selective Soldering System addresses these needs by combining its patented CV technology and a new Smart Interface System. CV reduces unnecessary dwell time by signalling to the system to move to the next solder joint in the program after a good joint has been formed. The Smart Interface System simplifies the programming process by integrating system controls through an easy to use interface.

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