Semiconductor market breakdown and 2016 forecasts

March 24, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
SIA Forecast
The 2016 global chip market will grow 0.3 percent compared with 2015 to reach a value of $341.0 billion, but the European region will see its part of that market contract by 1.6 percent, according to industry association SEMI.

SEMI referenced another industry body, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), as source of its numbers and also presented a breakdown of 2015 semiconductor sales showing the significance of different categories of chips including DRAMs, Flash, MPUs, MCUs, analog ICs, discretes, optoelectronics and sensors.

In forecasting 2016 as a growth year for the semiconductor industry SEMI and the SIA are in disagreement with Semico Research and Trendforce, two market research firms that have 2016 slated as a negative growth year (see In calling the negative growth Semico is in agreement on this with another market watcher, TrendForce (see Chip market set to shrink in 2016, says analyst and Chip market set to shrink in 2016, says analyst ).

According to SEMI and SIA optoelectronics was the fastest growing segment in 2015, increasing 11.3 percent. Other product segments that posted increased sales in 2015 include sensors and actuators, which reached $8.8 billion in sales for a 3.7 percent annual increase, NAND flash memory ($28.8 billion for a 2.2 percent increase), and analog ($45.2 billion for a 1.9 percent increase).

The growth leaders in 2016 are forecast to be sensors at 3.6 percent, micro-ICs at 3.6 percent, logic at 3.5 percent and optoelectronics at 3.2 percent. The market laggards in 2016 are forecast to be memory (-7.9 percent) and discrete semiconductors (-2.7 percent).

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