Sensor hub chips collect vital signs

February 23, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Bosch Sensortec has launched two sensor hubs to collect vital signs based on heart rate and motion evaluation for fitness and wellbeing applications.

The devices provide "always-on" processing and fuse heart rate signals captured optically with onboard inertial MEMS sensors signals. A third party, Firstbeat Oy (Jyvaskyla, Finnland), provides the analytic software on-chip.

The two chips are the BHV250 and BHV160, which integrate 3- and 6-axis inertial MEMS sensors respectively alongside a Sensortec DSP called FuserCore, which runs the vital statistics software. Both devices include an accelerometer, and the BHV160 also includes a gyroscope.

The devices are Android-Wear compatible and have low power consumption, according to Bosch Sensortec, which did not quantify the claim.

The BHV160 measures 3mm by 3mm by 0.95mm, while the BHV250 measures 2.2mm by 2.2mm by 0.95mm. Samples are available for special customers with mass production due to ramp up in 2Q16.

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