SiTime offers MEMS oscillator for wearables, IoT

June 12, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
SiTime Corp. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), a pioneer of MEMS resonator devices as replacements for quartz timing devices, has announced the SiT1552, a drop-in replacement for a 32kHz temperature-compensated crystal oscillator.

The device is expected to win design slots in wearable equipment and Internet of Things applications.


SiTime claims the 1552, in its 1.5mm by 0.8mm chip-scale package, is the smallest MEMS TCXO available and is 20 percent of the size of quartz TCXO.

Also when compared with quartz TCXO the 1552 is half the power drawing less than 1-microamp and half the thickness at 0.55mm package height. The 300ms startup time is one tenth of quartz; the 500 million hours MTBF is 15 times higher than quartz and the shock resistance is 30 times that of quartz, SiTime said.


The device can be used for such functions as a reference for real time clock (RTC) function, a sleep clock for connectivity – Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi.

Additional features of the SiT1552 include: ±5 PPM frequency stability that enables two to three times longer battery life compared to a 180ppm quartz resonator, a programmable low voltage swing output that interfaces directly to the oscillator or real-time clock circuit in the applications processor or power management IC and 1.5 to 3.6V operation making it suitable for use with coin-cell or supercapacitor battery backup.


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